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"A La Carte" Consulting Services


Divergineer offers a la carte consulting services for small and medium size businesses in the areas of strategic direction, talent optimization, employee engagement, and connected culture. 

We offer these services through individual executive coaching, team strategy sessions, leadership retreats and through our strategic partners and platforms. 

Strategic Planning


"Lack of clarity" is one of the biggest complaints we hear from small business owners and large company executives alike. Our strategic planning process will help you get clear on what's next, what your role is, and who you need on your team.

Executive Coaching


No matter how gifted you are as a leader, it remains true that you "can't read the label from inside the jar." Our executive coaching services are provided by experienced senior leaders who have also been trained as psychotherapists, which helps us cut to the heart of the matter into what is holding back your bottomline. 

Talent Optimization


Building better teams is all about getting the right people in the right seats. Utilizing the science behind the Predictive Index software platform, we help you go from "guessing" to "matching" to what works best for your unique company culture. 

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