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Monthly Support Groups

Zoom meet-ups focused on  leadership strategy, conflict resolution and the mental game of starting, growing or leading a company. 

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Individual Coaching

Virtual and "retreat" based coaching for leaders, teams and family businesses that need to breakout of old patterns and achieve new levels of performance.

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Onsite Trainings

Bring our award-winning "Solving Without Sorry" workshop and data-driven tools like the Predictive Index and the Leadership Circle 360 assessment right to your team.

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Solving Without Sorry Virtual Training

Conflict and drama destroys team, kills innovation, increases turnover and exhausts your leaders. Join Ken Clark for a 3-hour training that will change the way you navigate tough conversations. 

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Predictive Index Talent Optimization Tool

Divergineer is a Certified Partner in the Predictive Index talent management platform. Their cloud-based software will help you hire better, build more balanced teams and know you've got cultural problems long before the resignations start. 

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Leadership 360 Assessment Tool

The biggest opportunities and threats for most leaders are found hiding in their blindspots. The LCP 360 coaching tool assesses a leader's awareness of themselves in 29 different areas and measures that against their team's experience, as well as that of over 200,000 other executives. 

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The Relationship MBA Program

Leadership can be incredibly lonely, especially when you're the one trying to hold a team or a family together.

Our Zoom-based leadership support group provides a safe place to learn from our relationship experts, brainstorm with your peers, and keep conflict from hurting your company's bottomline and hijacking your personal relationships.

Monthly Learning

Every month, our two hour Zoom will stretch you by exploring topics and tools that help you see the relationship between conflict and company performance, as well as peace at home.

Conflict Resolution Training

Each meeting contains a 30-minute exploration of the Solving Without Sorry conflict resolution model, designed to help you strengthen your skills as a leader. 

Q&A and Peer Advisory

One of the most valuable aspects of our monthly meetings is the chance to bring real problems and get input from experts and peers. We devote up to 60 minutes for real world Q&A. 


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